Saturday, January 20, 2007

Snow angel

Maggie got major cabin fever yesterday (we all have cabin fever... except Cash who just sits in his vibrating massage chair all day long, happy as a lark. oh to be a baby again). Anyways, so I got to do the fun "mother-of-a-toddler-living-in-a-super-cold-snowy-climate" ritual where I dressed Maggie in about 17 layers so that she could go outside and play for 5 minutes until her runny nose turned to frozen snot on her upper lip and she started crying and wanting to come back in. Well, here are some pictures to document her snowy adventure.

We went outside and checked out the snow.

It was pretty deep. She had a bit of a time walking through it

After walking around a bit she headed for the playset

Made it!

After all that work, she realized that the floor of the double swing was frozen into the ground. She was pretty disappointed. (No, I did not just stand there laughing at her frustration... at least not for too long. I scraped the snow away so that she could swing for a couple minutes.)

So, all those who live in California and complain when it's 54 degrees out, you can stick these pictures in your pipe, got that???

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sarah said...

that hat looks so cute on maggie!! i wonder where she got it?? :) well as much as you complain about snow im jealous. i wanna play in some snow. it snowed the other day here. and it stayed on the ground!!! it was exciting.