Tuesday, October 17, 2006

back in the day

so i've been told that back in the day big women were considered beautiful because a) they had money which meant they had plenty of food, and b) uhh, see a). well, if my friend anjie and i had been born way back then, we would've had to beat the men off us with sticks... aren't we sooooo hot? i challenge anyone who wouldn't say, "HECK yes!".


Rob, Melissa and Madelyn said...

SO - when was this taken? Has she had her baby yet?

kat said...

this was in sept., if i remember.... yes, yes it was in sept. she is due the beginning of november, so as far as i know, she hasn't had the little todd jr. yet. (i don't know if it's a todd jr, or an anjie jr... just a guess).

sarah said...

jeez kat. that was in september and your still bigger than me. im not saying your fat. just that your baby is. :) JK JK. but you look cute in that sweater. i still cant find it. im very bummed. i wanted it so bad!!

oh and ps. how come your sister sarah doesnt have a link. or your dad. your your sister erin. c'mon kat. get with it!!