Saturday, September 02, 2006

baby talk

maggie is starting to get very proficient in sign language. you can see some of her mad skills here:
  • maggie's video
  • don't i have a totally genius daughter? (p.s. thanks kim for catching this incredible talent on camera... i owe you an ice cream or something)


    bex said...

    that is seriously impressive. but can she say anything useful? like, "mother, would you take me shopping? i believe this purse does not match my current ensemble."

    kat said...

    um, becca, you obviously don't understand when i say my daughter is a genius. not only is she what you might call "book smart" but she's also fashion savvy just like her mother who would never buy her a purse unless it matched her current ensemble to perfection.

    bex said...

    i want you to know that i brag about this to everyone that i know.