Monday, August 28, 2006


you may be asking yourself, "self? what is wegman's and why is kat blogging about it...?" well, put your little psychotic self-talking mind at ease, i'm going to tell you all about it. wegman's is a grocery store in Fayetteville, NY. but it's not just ANY grocery store. it's like the mother of all grocery stores, nay the disneyland of grocery stores.

it's huge, it has everything you could ever imagine in it...

they have every kind of fruit, vegetable and fregetable you could think of...

and also every kind of homestyle salad you would even want to think of eating

there are literally millions of different kinds of cheeses

a whole isle devoted entirely to tea (i know the picture is small, but really, this is just tea... who knew there were that many different flavors of dried leaves in a bag?)

and another for magazines

they also have what i'd like to hereby name "the world's largest olive bar" with every fathomable flavor of olive

and they even put flowers hanging from the ceiling in case you look up to give your unbelieving eyes a break...

Anyways, here's to Wegman's... (and here's to being apparently very much in love with food so much so that i felt the need to share this highlight of my trip with all) thank you.


TheSchofs said...

well for a while there i was saying: "Self, that looke just like our Whole Foods here is Pasadena." But then I saw the olives......Wegman's won.

ashley said...

I can personally vouch that wegman's was amazing because I am the one ooing and ahhing at the olive counter in Kat's photo. Whats so bad about NY winters if you had a pantry full of wegmans food, Wicked Fine Chocolate fudge, and icecream to eat until the snow melts?

jana said...

You're not the only blogger I've found who talks about Wegman's. Here's another friend's post:

There's no Wegman's where I live. I generally shop at Mother's or Trader Joe's. :)